Interval, Journal of Music Research and Development (ISSN 0276-3052) is a quarterly publication growing out of the flowering of creative activity in the microtonal field. In the years since the death of the leading pioneer, Harry Partch, a variety of new instruments, scales and compositions has been created. Interval is a forum for ideas, a showcase for new hardware and most importantly a vehicle for communication bringing artists together in a common cause.

Interval is dedicated to the father of contemporary microtonality, Harry Partch, whose spirit and troubled rage continue to influence and inspire those who carry on in the exploration of the harmonic series.

Interval, A Microtonal Newsletter was founded in 1978 by Jonathan Glasier. Beginning with Volume 2, the magazine was renamed to Interval, Exploring the Sonic Spectrum when it became sponsored by Interval Foundation, a not-for-profit corporation. With Volume 5, it was renamed to Interval, Journal of Music Research and Development when it assumed the status of journal. Mr. Glasier has edited all issues of Interval. Publication was suspended in 1987.

Back issues of Interval are available directly from the editor at the Sonic Arts Gallery. The price for each individual issue is $7 plus shipping and handling. The following issues are available only as photocopies:

Volume 1, Number 1 (Spring 1978)
Volume 1, Number 2 (Fall 1978)
Volume 1, Number 3 (Winter 1979)
Volume 3, Number 1 (Spring 1981)

Add shipping and handling charges to each order as follows:

		  U.S.	  Foreign
1-4 issues	   $2	     $4
5-8 issues	   $3	     $6
9-12 issues	   $4	     $8
13-16 issues	   $5	    $10
17-20 issues	   $6	    $12

Please have all checks or money orders in U.S. currency payable to “Sonic Arts Gallery” and mail to the following address:

Jonathan Glasier
Sonic Arts Gallery
P.O. Box 620027
San Diego, CA 92102
tel: (619) 231-3673

Please contact Mr. Glasier directly for more information about ordering, pricing, and availability. He also has copies of the Ivor Darreg Memorial Fund CD, Detwelvulate!, available for $12 plus $3 ($6 foreign) shipping and handling each.